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Tut mir leid, dass ich so ne scheiß Tochter bin. Dass man auf mich nicht stolz sein kann. Dass ich euch ständig enttäusche. Tut mir leid, dass ich es euch so schwer mache mich zu lieben. (via immerbeschisseneselbstzweifel)

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I don’t like to talk about what hurts (via tiffanysgz)

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It’s 5:21am and my veins are filled with alcohol
And I swear I am drunk on the idea of your warm flesh pressed against mine
And all I wanna do is taste your lips
I want to inhale you the way I smoke a joint
And I want to feel your chest beating hard against mine
I want to feel your breathe against my neck while you whisper velvet words into my ear
And, fuck, I swore I would never take a shot of love
But I am here and my system is overridden
And you are galaxies I want to explore and planets I want to experience
You are milky ways in the sky
And you breathe stardust in and out
You are magical and different
You are a drug and I have become addicted
It’s 5:40am and I still can’t think clearly
And all that’s in my head is the thought of you pushing me onto the bed
And I have a desire to be under you with no clothing
And fuck, I just want you to love me "Love me" by Kimberly Cruz-Alvarado (via kingdomofkim)

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